Porto Vathy Marble Beach. A paradise on earth with turquoise waters, sandy beach and pine trees that reach to the sea hugging the picturesque bay.

The decoration of the space with white colors, perfectly in harmony with the white marble color of the natural location, combined with the green olives that dominate the exterior are the ideal place for relaxation and rest.

Refreshing cocktails, delicious coffee, natural freshly squeezed juices, a wide variety of beers and all kinds of alcoholic beverages as well as tasty fruit salads and spicy varieties of cheeses and cured meats can be enjoyed during your stay in the exotic part of Porto Vathy Marble Beach.

Our ships approach these beaches when they carry out the “AROUND THE ISLAND” cruise as the third stop. They dock for about an hour in the port of Porto Bavo and so you have the possibility to visit it up close.