In the charming southwestern Thassos, Skala Marion boasts the enchanting Atspas beach, a paradise with mesmerizing deep blue, fairytale-like, shallow waters that appeal to visitors of all ages.

The all-white, fine sand creates a captivating backdrop for this well-organized shore. Lush vegetation offers a striking contrast to the picturesque, rocky cove. The crystal clear, shallow waters and soft white sand both on the shore and in the sea make swimming at Atspa a delightful experience, especially for young children.

Relax on comfortable sunbeds, play carefree games on the ideal sandy beach, and take endless dives to create unforgettable memories at Atspa.

As part of the “AROUND THE ISLAND” cruise, our ships make Atspa the first stop, and on the SUN VASSILEMA CRUISE, it’s the second stop, anchoring for about an hour and a half of swimming. This allows you to bask in the beauty of Atspa and immerse yourself in its pristine waters.