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porto vathi

Welcome to the breathtaking Porto Vathy Marble Beach, a true paradise with turquoise waters, a sandy beach, and pine trees embracing the picturesque bay.

The serene space adorned with white colors perfectly complements the natural white marble, creating an ideal setting for relaxation. The surrounding green olives further enhance the tranquil ambience, making it perfect for unwinding.

Indulge in refreshing cocktails, delicious coffee, natural freshly squeezed juices, a wide variety of beers, and an array of alcoholic beverages. Additionally, savor tasty fruit salads and a selection of flavorful cheeses and cured meats during your stay at the exotic Porto Vathy Marble Beach.

Our ships include these stunning beaches as the third stop on the “AROUND THE ISLAND” cruise. They dock for about an hour in the port of Porto Bavo, providing you with the opportunity to explore this remarkable location up close and immerse yourself in its beauty.

porto vathi & marble Beach


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