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Pachis Beach

In the tranquil waters of Pachi beach, even the little ones can have a blast in the sea. Situated near the Rachoni ladder, this beach offers unique moments of fun for the whole family.

Pachi is adorned with dense pine trees that stretch their shade right up to the shoreline. The beach is well-organized and equipped with modern amenities. The sunset on this golden sandy beach will leave an unforgettable impression on your heart. The combination of natural beauty and top-notch facilities makes Pachi a top choice for holidays in Thassos.

Our ships include Pachi as the first stop on the “DAILY SKALA KALLIRACHI” cruise, allowing you to anchor there for about an hour and a half of swimming. This gives you the perfect opportunity to savor the beauty of Pachy and revel in its tranquil waters.

pachis beach


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