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Kefalas Beach

In the western part of Thassos lies Kefalas, a beach with stunning waters, nestled between Maria’s stairs and harbors. Accessible only by sea, this pebbly beach offers a unique and picturesque landscape, making it ideal for exploration and photography.

Our ships include Kefalas as a stop on various cruises, such as the “AROUND THE ISLAND” cruise, the “DAY CRUISE,” and the “sunset cruise.” Whether you’re seeking a leisurely swim, a day of exploration, or a breathtaking sunset experience, Kefalas offers something for every type of traveler.

The beach’s secluded location and mesmerizing waters provide an enchanting backdrop for relaxation and adventure alike. Visitors can revel in the natural beauty, soak up the sun, and capture the stunning scenery through photography. Whether you’re arriving by boat or setting out to sea from Kefalas, the experience promises to be a memorable highlight of your Thassos journey.

kefalas Beach


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