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Located on the northwest side of Thassos near the settlement of Skala Rachoniou, you’ll find the picturesque Glyfoneri beach, embraced by pine trees that extend to the sea, casting their soothing shadows over the crystal clear waters.

The fine sand invites beach games, while the shallow, turquoise sea provides a safe haven for the whole family to enjoy swimming. Children can revel in carefree play in the sand and sea, while adults can unwind and rejuvenate in this tranquil setting.

As part of the “ROUND THE ISLAND” cruise, our ships make Glyfoneri the fifth stop, allowing ample time for visitors to swim and bask in the beauty of this idyllic beach. Whether it’s building sandcastles, taking leisurely strolls along the shore, or simply soaking up the sun, Glyfoneri offers a delightful retreat for travelers of all ages.



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