About us

Η Blue Sky Thassos Cruises is a family business where everyone contributes in their own way, with teamwork as their main weapon.

Power in union (We are strong when we are united)
The force in the union (ancient greek phrase)



daily from Potos and Limenaria



from around the world



throughout the island of Thassos



Captain Christos had a dream to be a captain since he was a child. An important role in this decision was played by the fact that his father, Giannis, was also a sailor, he had a boat and often went fishing with him.
He graduated from the AEN Captains Michanionas and has traveled abroad on ocean-going ships. However, the love for his island and family prompted him to return and establish his own shipping company with great passion and professionalism, which is why he is also the driving force behind the Blue Sky team. He works as a captain on BLUE SKY I.



The captain's wife, Niki, is the general manager of the company in terms of bookings, social media and sales,
Niki also works at Blue Sky I as a crew member and tour guide.



The captain's brother, engineer and manager of BLUE SKY II will welcome you at the port, in front of the boat.



Giannis or the the only 3 and a half year old son of the captain and Niki since he was in his mom's womb joined the team as she worked on the boat until a few days before his birth. He also contributes in his own way to a beautiful result on our cruises since he is an active member of the crew and is there on most trips.