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Alykes Beach

At the southeastern end of Thassos lies Aliki, home to two of the most popular and stunning beaches on the island. The bays in Aliki serve as a natural anchorage for small fishing and tourist boats, offering a picturesque setting for sea activities like canoeing and scenic hikes around the area, allowing visitors to explore the archaeological site nearby.

The southern beach of Aliki is fully organized, with sandy shores and a vibrant atmosphere filled with taverns and ouzeries offering delicious local cuisine. In contrast, the northern beach is less crowded, featuring a single organized part with a mixture of sand and pebbles leading into the turquoise waters.

Our ships include this beach as an extension stop on the “AROUND THE ISLAND” cruise, providing approximately an hour and a half for swimming, and as the fourth stop on the “DAY CRUISES,” allowing about an hour for swimming or beach exploration. Whether you’re seeking a bustling beach experience or a more tranquil setting, Aliki offers a delightful coastal retreat for visitors to enjoy.

alykes beach


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